Welcome to 3 Gatos Brewery

Beer brings people together. There is no better place to build a community than here.

Burger of the Week

Do the Brussel

Bob's Burgers inspired burger special of the week. 1/3lbs Delski's burger patty, sauteed brussels sprout, sour cream, and pistachios on a toasted burger bun

Our Beers

3 Gatos Brewery brews its beers with the care that every classic style deserves and the creativity every modern beer demands. Try our beers and you will feel like you are on a journey through the great brewing nations.

Our Food

3 Gatos Brewery brews is proud to bring unique Brazilian dishes to west Michigan. We have a full menu of selections that pair perfectly with our beers.

Restaurant and Taproom

Come and enjoy the freshest and tastiest craft beers in our region and taste the incredible food that comes out of our kitchen.
Visit our brewhouse and kitchen and see how our products are prepared with care and quality.

About Us

3 Gatos Brewery is the realization of the dream of its founders and owners, Linus and Renata.
The Brewery was created with the intention of sharing their Brazilian culture and European life experiences with our customers while spreading beer culture from the best brewing traditions without neglecting a strong spirit of innovation.